Cohete Comics

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We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new label specialized in graphic novel Cohete Comics. Following the spirit of Laguna Libros, Cohete Comics is an editorial lab that explores the possibilities of the graphic novel, developing lines of autobiographical, documentary and fictional comics.


Nos complace anunciar el lanzamiento de nuestro nuevo sello editorial especializado en novela gráfica, Cohete Cómics. Siguiendo el espíritu de Laguna Libros, Cohete Cómics es un laboratorio editorial que explora las posibilidades de la novela gráfica desarrollando las líneas de cómic autobiográfico, documental y de ficción.

Caminos Condenados

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Henry Díaz, Pablo Guerra, Camilo Aguirre and Diana Ojeda

In the region of Montes de María, the roads used to be borders and a way. They connected ends, separate lots and join together the neighbors. When the plot merged in one whole crop, in a green desert, no one could ever cross those roads again. They became condemned paths. But those who used to walk that roads haven’t disappear, now its time to listen to them.