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Henry Díaz, Pablo Guerra, Camilo Aguirre and Diana Ojeda

In the region of Montes de María, the roads used to be borders and a way. They connected ends, separate lots and join together the neighbors. When the plot merged in one whole crop, in a green desert, no one could ever cross those roads again. They became condemned paths. But those who used to walk that roads haven’t disappear, now its time to listen to them.



Puertas demasiado pequeñas

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Ave Barrera

Painter José Federico Burgos is forced by the whim of an excentric millionaire to establish himself as an art forger. Confined to live in a mansion, José believes to have found the comfort that eluded him. But satisfying the demands of his sponsor will put him at risk of losing the link he has with the world.

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ISBN 978-958-8812-54-0

Tamaño 20 x 14,5

Tapa blanda con solapa

páginas 224

COP 34 000  USD 15

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No soñarás flores

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Fernanda Trías

But it wasn′t until the week after, when the thing with the phone happened, that I actually thought about it: that my father′s smell would be the first thing to be forgotten, the most fragile, and suddenly it was as if my father died again, but this time he wasn′t alone, in his house, trying to open the door to the paramedics, it was in front of me, in my own arms, literally in my nosetrils.


no soñarás flores_fernanda trías_laguna libros


PVP: 37000 COP – 16 USD

Tamaño: 20×14,5

Número de páginas: 164

ISBN: 978-958-8812-65-6



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Carátula (1)   carátula puertas.indd


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Andrés Ospina

Distressed by a financial crisis, Lorenzo Heredia debates in between selling or staying with a seniority, the only family heritage that he has. To try to find a price for it, he must investigate the origin of this relic. Multiple voices emerge from other times to reveal more information than the desired, articulating a story that starts in the Chapinero neighbourhood in 2015 and ends with Anton Hero,  an illustrated shoemaker that sails from Cadiz in 1655.


Chapinero, Laguna Libros, 2015.
Author: Andrés Ospina
ISBN: 978-958-8812-38-0
Size: 20 x 14,5 cm.
Page number: 280
P.F.S: COP $39.000 US $15

La azotea (The rooftop)

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Fernanda Trías

“The world is this house” says Clara while she pretends to protect her beloved ones from the outside world that makes her feel threatened. Clara trenches with her father and Flor, her daughter, in a dark apartment that without remedy collapses upon them. The rooftop becomes her last chink of freedom. A bird in a cage is the only witness of Clara’s fear and resistance against those who try to destroy her.

As a young woman, Fernanda Trías published La azotea, novel that was selected among the best books of the year by the journal El País Cultural (Montevideo), and obtained the third place of edited narrative in the Uruguay National Literature Award (2002). It was first published by Editorial Trilce (Montevideo, 2001) and Puntocero (Caracas, 2010).

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La azotea, Laguna Libros, 2015.
Author: Fernanda Trías
Size: 14, 5 x 20 cm
Collection: Laguna Continental
Page number: 136
I.S.B.N: 978-958-8812-39-7
P.V.P: $32.000 U$ 15

El fin de la lectura

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El fin de la lectura

El fin de la lectura (The end of reading) is a collection of twenty-five short stories and micro-fictions, plus four “Twelve rules of short-storytelling” where the author compiles some of his thoughts on this literary genre. These fictions cover the subjects of love, family, death, guilt, language and brevity.

Los niños

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Carolina Sanín

Laura Romero lives with her dog Brus. A saturday midnight, a six-year-old appeared under her balcony and he won’t tell from where does he come from, neither would say why he is there. He seems to ignore the way the world works. While he is assigned a new home, she takes him in and tries to give meaning to his presence.

Children is Carolina Sanín’s second novel, in which she explores the limits of isolation and intimacy as she inquires about compassion, maternity, abandonment, femininity and childhood.

ISBN: 978-958-8812-23-6
Tamaño 20 x 14,5 cm.
140 pp.
COP $30.000 US $15
E-book available 

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