Los Once

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Miguel Jiménez

Andrés Cruz Barrera

José Luis Jiménez

Los Once

The wednesday night of november 6, 1985, a grandmother awaits, with her grandchild, her son to arrive home. Meanwhile, in the Palace of Justice, the military forces battle M19’s members who have taken over the building. Bogotanians, attentive to their radios and TVs, wish for the ceasefire and the release of the hostages. Thursday night, both grandma and grandchild are still waiting.

ISBN 978-958-8812-21-2
Tamaño 24 cm x 15cm
Tapa blanda con solapa
120 páginas
CO $25.000 US $14

Colección Laguna Original

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Bogotá Fonográfica


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Fernando Gómez


In a hospital room, an unknown infection consumes Lina’s body, a young woman from Cali, confining her to remain in quarantine while she awaits an imminent death. Her boyfriend, Diego, a biologist from the National University, undertakes a frenzy search to find the cure for this disease, accompanied by the enigmatic Professor Fungus. Before falling unconscious, Lina manages to reveal one name, forcing Diego to scrutinize her girlfriend’s private life to determine the cause of the contagion.

ISBN 978-958-8812-08-3
Tamaño 20,1 cm x 14,7 cm
Tipo de encuadernación Tapa rústica con solapa
Número de páginas 252 p.
Precio CO$56.000 US$29

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