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Andrés Ospina

Distressed by a financial crisis, Lorenzo Heredia debates in between selling or staying with a seniority, the only family heritage that he has. To try to find a price for it, he must investigate the origin of this relic. Multiple voices emerge from other times to reveal more information than the desired, articulating a story that starts in the Chapinero neighbourhood in 2015 and ends with Anton Hero,  an illustrated shoemaker that sails from Cadiz in 1655.


Chapinero, Laguna Libros, 2015.
Author: Andrés Ospina
ISBN: 978-958-8812-38-0
Size: 20 x 14,5 cm.
Page number: 280
P.F.S: COP $39.000 US $15

Emma Reyes

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Biography: Emma Reyes (Bogotá, Colombia, 1919//Bordeaux, France, 2003) was an artist who travelled the world along with her drawings and paintings. Most of her legacy remains outside of Colombia. In our country, her name is mostly known because artists and people from humanities met her abroad and came back fascinated by her talent and character. Colombia´s art history still owes her a proper recognition for her work.

Keywords: Drawings, paintings, colombian art, Bordeaux

Carolina Sanín

1960-1990 @en, Authors, Bogotá @en, literary estudies, professor

Carolina Sanín (Bogotá, 1973) published the novel Todo en otra parte (Seix-Barral, 2005), the essay Alfonso X, el Rey Sabio (Panamericana, 2009), the children’s book Dalia (Norma, 2010), and the shortstory collections Ponqué y otros cuentos (Norma, 2010) and Yosoyu (Destiempo, 2013). She is PhD in Hispanic Literature at Yale University, where she specialized in Middle Age literature. Carolina has worked as translator and has been Professor at the State University of New York–Purchase College and of the Universidad de los Andes. She was been columnist of the newspapper “El Espectador” and the cultural magazine “Arcadia”


Andrés Ospina

1960-1990 @en, Authors, Bogotá @en, journalist, literary estudies, Literature, Uncategorized @en

Andrés Ospina (Bogotá, 1976) is a writer and radio producer. He founded and directed the radio shows La Silla Electrica (The Electric Chair), El Síndrome del Domingo (The Sunday Syndrome) and Rockuerdos (Rock-memories). He was a screenwriter for Culturama (Señal colombia), a cultural television show. He has promoted different initiatives regarding his city’s history and patrimony, such as the blog El Blogotazo, in the digital version of El Tiempo journal, and the Vintage Museum website. He has written, among other books, “Bogotá Retroactiva” and “Bogotálogo: usos, desusos y abusos del español hablado en Bogotá” (Bogotalogue: uses, mis-uses and abuses of the spanish spoken in Bogotá). His texts have been published in El Tiempo, and magazines such as Esquire, Rolling Stone, Semana, Publimetro, Cartel Urbano, Cambio, SoHo and Caras. “Ximénez” (Laguna Libros, 2013) and “Chapinero” (Laguna Libros, 2015) are his two published novels until the day.

José Antonio Osorio Lizarazo

1900-1929 @en, Bogotá @en, journalist, Literature

The journalistic and literary works of José Antonio Osorio Lizarazo (Bogotá, 1900–1964) are a social radiography of life in Colombia during the 20th century. He ran the newspapers Jornada (Working Day), from Bogotá, and El Caribe (The Caribbean), from Santo Domingo. He published several articles in papers and more than 20 books, including: The tenement house (1930), Men without a present (1938), Doodle (1939), The day of hate (1952) and The path in the shades (1964). He also wrote one of the first science fiction works in Colombia: Barranquilla 2132 (1932).

Álvaro Medina

1930-1959 @en, Authors, Bogotá @en, historian, History, History of art

Álvaro Medina (Barranquilla, 1941) started the first seminar in colombian art history, in the National University of Colombia, and he was a curator at the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá (MAMBO, by its initials in spanish). Since the 1960s, he has published books and articles that have become a compulsory reference for researchers and students interested in colombian art.

Juan David Correa

1960-1990 @en, Authors, Bogotá @en, journalist, literary estudies

Juan David Correa is a writer and editor. He has worked as a journalist for El Espectador newspaper and the magazines Semana, Arcadia and Cromos. He has also been a collaborator for the magazines El Malpensante and Soho, and for El clarín from Buenos Aires. He has published the novel Everything goes by soon (2007), the literary memoir The clay and the silence (2010), as well as some books of chronicles and interviews with writers. He´s the current cultural director of the Bogotá International Book Fair. In 2010, along with Álvaro Robledo, he founded El Peregrino Ediciones, an independent publishing house.