La azotea (The rooftop)

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Fernanda Trías

“The world is this house” says Clara while she pretends to protect her beloved ones from the outside world that makes her feel threatened. Clara trenches with her father and Flor, her daughter, in a dark apartment that without remedy collapses upon them. The rooftop becomes her last chink of freedom. A bird in a cage is the only witness of Clara’s fear and resistance against those who try to destroy her.

As a young woman, Fernanda Trías published La azotea, novel that was selected among the best books of the year by the journal El País Cultural (Montevideo), and obtained the third place of edited narrative in the Uruguay National Literature Award (2002). It was first published by Editorial Trilce (Montevideo, 2001) and Puntocero (Caracas, 2010).

caratula frontal la azotea baja

La azotea, Laguna Libros, 2015.
Author: Fernanda Trías
Size: 14, 5 x 20 cm
Collection: Laguna Continental
Page number: 136
I.S.B.N: 978-958-8812-39-7
P.V.P: $32.000 U$ 15