El camino en la sombra

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José Antonio Osorio Lizarazo

El camino en la sombra

One night, a baby girl eaten away by smallpox, appears in the doorway of the Garcia’s, a displaced family from Boyacá. They were forced out of their land by the civil wars at the end of the 19th century. While this family attempts to make a place for themselves in the social and political life of a developing Bogotá, the little girl grows up and surrenders definitely to become their servant; a sacrifice that only gets abuse and despisement in return. This novel won the Esso Novel Award in 1963.

ISBN 978-958-99887-8-7
Tamaño 20,1 cm x 14,7 cm
Tipo de encuadernación Tapa rústica con solapa
Número de páginas 344 p.
Precio CO$39.000 US$20

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